Do you know Pancake house Viktoria cafe at Prievozska street?

Certainly yes.

It is very likely that you have experienced its pleasant homely atmosphere and tasted great pancakes in the past last 19 years.

If not, you definitely noticed this object while driving one of the main junctions of Bratislava – Prievozská Street.

The popular Bratislava restaurant completed its operation after 19 years in a great location opposite to business centers. And 19 years is a really long story.

The lucrative property is looking for a new owner.

It is said that each end means a new beginning. Take this opportunity to fulfill your dream enterprise.

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Bratislava business district. Thousands of employees and visitors enter and leave the glass buildings every day. You can observe all this through the windows of our space. 

Popular residential area Nivy and Miletičová street. Real estate prices have risen and are still rising here. There is a lot of greenery and a jump to the center. 

Prievozská Street – tens of thousands of cars pass every day before our windows. In front of our premises, people are waiting at a busy bus stop with many connections.

Location on map

Prievozska 21


The neighborhood has changed beyond recognition over the last 19 years. Bratislava’s „Manhattan“ grows from the original industrial zone.

This location is really unique.

Construction work on the new Apollo business center is in full swing. Once opened, the number of potential customers will increase again.

Modern high-rise buildings in the area grow like mushrooms after rain.

After the completion of the new bus terminal, the location will gain even more in its importance and lucrativity.

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Possibile use

Pancake house? Yes

The pancake house has a 19-year history. People are used to coming here, they feel good here and they like it here. Continuing with this concept would provide clients and revenues from the start.

Any other gastronomic operation? Yes

The space has all the technical prerequisites and legal permits for the operation of gastronomic facility. Initial troubles with changing the purpose of use are eliminated. All restaurant furniture and equipment is included. Just come and open.

Any other operation? Yes

The space is variable and can be adapted to another business. The property is located on one of the busiest streets in Bratislava. It is a high movement of people in the area.


Area 100m2.

You can seat 40 customers arround 14 tables.

It is possible to get another approx. 30 m2 of space by building an intermediate floor above the kitchen. The ceiling height is 4.60 meters.

It is possible to operate a terrace during summer season upon agreement with the city council.

The last rerefurbishment of the premises took place in 2018.

The premises are air conditioned, the kitchen has exhausting with filtration.

Buying the premises you will also get restaurant equipment starting by furniture to the kitchen equipment at last.

Land plan

Don´t pay the rent

Do you have experience with gastronomy business? Do you have your own business? How much money do you waste each month by paying the rent?

Build your business in your own space. No rent, no hasstle with the landlord. Freedom.

Your investment will pay off in time. The decision about the future of the premises will only be only in your hands.

Money that otherwise devours the rent will be available to you over time.

Our profesional loan specialist will certainly advise you on the most suitable way of financing for this property as well.

Hesitant? Come and have a look.

This offer is different comparing the others.

The space and location represent a really great potential for a successful project.

Call me, write me.

If the premises are sold, the opportunity does not have to come again.

Call me anytime.

Come and have a look.

We can arrange a meeting right on the place.